Colour Bountiful

colour wheel

Accessorising in combinations of colour best suited to eyes, hair and complexion, will take your image to the next level with minimum effort but to maximum effect.


Professional colour assessment identifies optimum colour palettes but it’s not easy to find soft accessories that follow the colour guidelines set in theory.  Our design work within this section caters specifically for ladies, and gentlemen, who are professionally aware of, or intuitively embrace, their most flattering palettes with colour longevity beyond fashion trend.


Whether professionally colour-counselled, or guided by colour instinct, the collections can be identified as appealing directly to ‘spring’, ‘summer’, ‘autumn’ or winter palettes.


Our scarves are not only fashionable and flattering they also function as ‘wearable’ swatches of colour to help make your apparel choices more informed and successful when clothes shopping.


Unique collections of scarves, wraps and pocket squares coming soon.